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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So today was the big dig day, now everything is off and running!! Can't wait to watch the progress!! I would like to begin this post with an update on the fence dilemma from previous post. The surveyor came out and remeasured, no change there.. I secretly was hoping he made a mistake. Our PM said he would write a letter with the surveyors drawings and mail it to the neighbors.. hopefully things are resolved without much conflict...
Anyways, I thought since I really do not have much of an update on the house, as they just broke ground, I will write a post on the selections we chose the last 4 months.
When choosing our model, we walked through 3 different models. First was the Florence, then the Venice, and finally the Sienna. Our favorite was the Venice, but it was too much space for the two of us, and also we would not be able to do many upgrades. One of the selling points for my husband and I was laundry on the same level as the bedrooms, which the Florence did not have, and so we decided to go with the Sienna as it did have the laundry room on the top floor and we would be able to do all the upgrades we wanted! It also has room to grow, but we are not planning on starting a family for a few years, so it is a  perfect fit for the two of us :) And so to the selections!!!

  • Model: Sienna, Elevation B with partial stone front (Aspen stone I think), grey exterior color with white trim, black door, and dark grey shutters.
  • Kitchen: Scottsdale Maple Cognac cabinets, Uba Tuba granite,tiled backspash stainless steel appliances. Crown Molding around cabinets, recessed lighting, upgraded 8in sink with pull out faucet and we added the island. 
  • Flooring: Carpet in the living room, foyer, basement, and upstairs. Vinyl tiles in mud room and bathrooms, Wood in kitchen, dining room, and morning room. 
  • Additional Upgrades
    • Finished basement, no additional powder room, simply a storage closet
    • Morning room with both optional windows, ceiling fan fix in.
    • White cabinetry in bathrooms, standard counters.
    • Fireplace with Uba Tuba granite
    • Garage with additional side entry and garage door opener with outdoor keypad.
    • Fan fix ins for all 3 bedrooms as well as the dining room and morning room
I am probably forgetting something, so if you have any questions just ask!! Also, if anyone has the granite/cabinet that we selected and would like to share pictures.. I would love to see :)


  1. I am so happy that your PM will be contacting your neighbors about the fence on your soon to be property. I hope it is peacefully settled.

    Your house is going to be amazing. I think your options are going to be lovely. :)

  2. Sounds absolutely perfect!! How exciting!

  3. Sounds like wonderful options, and hopefully the letter from your PM will be enough for your neighbors to move their fence. We have the maple cognac cabinets, and I LOVE them. While we do not have the uba tuba granite countertops, we have that in our fireplace and I have been thinking it would be great to add to the countertops as well. It is going to look really nice together, I can assure you!

  4. Your options and selections are fantastic. Glad to hear that RH is stepping up to the plate regarding the fence. That makes them the bad guy and you can smooth things over with your neighbor afterwards. Keep us posted on what happens.