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Friday, September 2, 2011

Who knew shingles could be so good looking :)

Went by the house yesterday, shingles were up, garage door was in, cement in the garage and basement poured, and plumber/guy who installs HVAC were there and they said "come on in!" So we walked around and talked with them for a bit, very nice guys. My husband discussed the possibility of a urinal in the basement...for the Ohio State football parties he plans on throwing.. hahaha!! I said it is just as easy to run up the stairs :-) I was also excited to see that our siding was delivered, sitting in boxes... when does that go up?? Anyways, I hope everyone else is just as happy as we are with the progress or your  homes!!


  1. I like the lot with the trees in your backyard. Choice.

  2. Very nice!! The siding will be up before you know it!

  3. It is moving along nicely. If the siding has been delivered it will go up soon. It usually does not sit around long.