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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sneak peak :)

Just a couple pictures... still getting unpacked!


  1. I love your kitchen. We went with honey oak cabinets and Uba Tuba granite, so I expect ours to look very similar.

    I also like the footrest you have between the coffee table and the sofa.

  2. Love the kitchen! Everything looks great together. How are the dogs adjusting?

  3. Congratulations! Everything looks great.

  4. I love it! Are the dogs getting used to their new home?! Congrats, again!

  5. Everything looks fantastic...remember to take time out from the unpacking to sit down and enjoy your new HOME!!!

  6. hey, stumbled upon your page.

    We too built the Sienna w/Ryan back in Feb of 2010.

    I was wondering if you upgraded some things or were they part of the standard model. For example the lights you have in the master bath, we have those in the powder room but they were not for the master.
    And the faucets....were those upgraded? the cabinets above the fridge?
    I know as time goes on they update things w/their models (you can see the difference between my neighbors choices & mine) but it is interesting looking out here today at other Sienna's built more recently ....

    Very lovely kitchen. Love the backsplash. Wish that had been a choice for us.

    Best wishes....


  7. Thank you so much! It is always fun looking through other models, not many siennas on here though. The lights in our master were not an upgrade, neither were the faucets or the cabinets above the fridge.

  8. Thanks for letting me know. I agree it is definitely fun looking at other models especially Sienna's being built/already built!

  9. Sarah- We are looking into building a Sienna. We were wondering if you still love it a year later and what you would recommend.Thank you - Vikki

  10. Vikki-Yes we do! One thing I recommend is to do all the upgrades you can, because it is YOUR home and you don't want any regrets once its done :) We have not found any problems with the model/build..yet :) lol We have our next check in soon with the builders to come around and fix all the minor things in walls from settling