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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drum roll please....

After much time, thought, and energy, we bought our washer and dryer set today!! First of all, we shopped around a lot, went to Sears, and HHgreg, as well as price shopped online. HHgreg had the better prices, and they offer free delivery/haul away (with a mail in rebate ). They also are able to play with their prices a little bit as far as adding/reducing pedestals, warranties, etc. Overall, it was a great shopping experience with them and I would highly recommend them. When we walked in the door my only MUST HAVE was a washer/dryer set that had reduced vibration/noise. Our laundry room is on the top floor, and I didn't want the whole house shaking with every load I did. We also didn't want to spend a fortune. I had been set on Maytag Bravo top loaders as they usually run a little less, but lo and behold we ended up with a front loader, 3.7 cu. Samsung model #WF220ANW. After researching it online, while in the store lol, it had some really great reviews, and they were on sale for $599 each! It also has a great sanitize feature, which is important since I work in the ER and get every bodily fluid imaginable on my scrubs. I still liked the maytags, but they were not on sale, and I didnt like how they felt opening and closing them... dumb I know but they slammed hard and were loud in comparison to the Samsung we ended up with.
On a further note, we stopped by the house today and the stone front is up :) Also, drywall is finished, with paint on the way in the next couple of days,cabinets are sitting in the garage, flooring is set to go in this week and next, ceiling has been "stamped" or w/e it is to make it have the decoration, and driveway is to go in soon enough. Anyways, here are some pictures of the progress!
Morning room

Kitchen/pantry/where fridge will go

from kitchen looking into living room

Friday, September 16, 2011

A few updates!

Aspen Stone.. I think It will compliment the grey siding very nicely
Sorry, it has been awhile since I last blogged, I feel like I have been so busy lately! A lot has happened with the house, as you can imagine. Ryan homes moves along so quickly, but everything has been done exactly the way we need it to be thus far, which we are very grateful for. This past week, siding has gone up on the house, the stone for the exterior has been delivered, and insulation has been installed! Everything has been going very smoothly. We had an informal "pre-drywall meeting" took pictures and walked through the house, everything looked perfect!! Our meeting was unconventional in that it was done in two stages, our PM had vacation this week, and so we went over the house with him pre-electrical, and then with another PM a couple days later after the electrical went in... I didnt mind because it was nice to walk through the hosue and get 2 different opinions on things and have two trained eyes look through things with us. Drywall should begin Monday, and hopefully the stone will go up on the house shortly as well. I am so excited to see the stone because that will mean the exterior is "finished" and I can get the full picture of what the house will look like :) I love the siding, grey with white trim.. it is exactly how I wanted it to be, so hopefully the stone will add the final touch. We also spoke with our PM and SR, our final walk through/closing is currently scheduled for Oct 21st, even sooner than we thought by almost a week! The only problem is that it is a Friday, and we won't be able to get the keys until the following Monday d/t bank being closed on the weekend I guess. ..we are hoping for even just one day sooner so that we will have that weekend to move!! I am so ready to get out of this rental is TOOOOOOOOOOO small, in a not so hot area of Columbus, and my neighbor is insane....oh and an update on our Washer/Dryer set, I believe we have finally decided on a Maytag Bravo Top Loaders, we know a couple of people with them and they rave about how quiet and how little vibration they have..which is key since our Laundry room will be on the top level of the house.. I would hate to have it shaking the whole house!! I hope everyone else is having a good time building! I love reading everyone's blogs. Talk to you soon eCommunity :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Washer and Dryer Research

Dear e-community :) I am starting to do a little research on new washer/dryer sets and wanted some input. All I know is that I would like energy efficient...and anything is better than the set we have now!!! Where to buy, who has lay away, what the best brand is...I feel Clueless! Honestly the set we have now we got off craigslist for $250 bucks for the pair, and they work fine for now, but they are not aloud near my new home :) hehehehe Happy Home Building!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Who knew shingles could be so good looking :)

Went by the house yesterday, shingles were up, garage door was in, cement in the garage and basement poured, and plumber/guy who installs HVAC were there and they said "come on in!" So we walked around and talked with them for a bit, very nice guys. My husband discussed the possibility of a urinal in the basement...for the Ohio State football parties he plans on throwing.. hahaha!! I said it is just as easy to run up the stairs :-) I was also excited to see that our siding was delivered, sitting in boxes... when does that go up?? Anyways, I hope everyone else is just as happy as we are with the progress or your  homes!!