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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Washer and Dryer Research

Dear e-community :) I am starting to do a little research on new washer/dryer sets and wanted some input. All I know is that I would like energy efficient...and anything is better than the set we have now!!! Where to buy, who has lay away, what the best brand is...I feel Clueless! Honestly the set we have now we got off craigslist for $250 bucks for the pair, and they work fine for now, but they are not aloud near my new home :) hehehehe Happy Home Building!!


  1. We got a set from Best Buy. Front loading type from LG. I think they ran us around $1,000 of the pair. They've been good. When we first got them I thought they were broke, because they don't start the same way most do, it spends 5 minutes determining the weight of the load.

    Overall very happy. Don't go used. Make sure to remove the shipping bolts BEFORE your 1st load or they will shake violently! Our installers didn't think that would be necessary.

  2. And don't let anyone pressure you into buying NOW. Appliances are ALWAYS on sale. Do some research, find some you like and stalk the prices. On something as pricey as this, it's worth the effort.

  3. Also if you find something you like now at Lowes or Home Depot, ask them about the defered shipping. I found a fridge I liked and was on sale but have no room to store it. HD said they offer up yo 3 months (or more if needed) holding of it for free. That helped alot.

    Also is a good reference site too. Dont always take what they reccomend as final word...but usualy they have some good reccomendations

  4. I was just at hhgregg the day before yesterday, and they had some really good sales on appliances, you may wanna stop by there if you have one in your area.

  5. Best Buy will price match and will defer shipping...also Sears will price match don't even need to push them on it...they will also hold off delivery as well. Just like G's a big purchase...take your your reviews...then make an educated purchase...price should be last on the list and you can always try to negotiate on that too.

  6. Whenever possible we like to shop local and we try to stay away from the big box stores. Our experience is that you get better customer service and the staff is very knowledgable. In most cases, they also price match other stores.

    We buy all of our appliances from a local appliance store, Bridgeville Appliances (website: They have a very knowledgable staff.


    As for the washer/dryer, we didn't go with the front loader or trendy color options. We purchased a washer and dryer from the GE Profile series, which we use in our current house and like them a lot. We have had not troubles with them, except for a recent power surge that fried our microwave, but GE came out and fixed it at a reasonable cost.

  7. sorry, the website for Bridgeville Appliance is website:

  8. I forgot to mention about getting differed shipping. We bought them a month before moving into our current hell-hole and they were able to delay delivery 2-months. Good eye peoples!

  9. We looked all over and were down to purchasing from sears or best buy. We bought a set by LG. We bought from sears, because they actually had the lowest price. Then when I changed my address they gave me a 10% off coupon and I went to the store and Sears took off the 10% from my total and refunded it to me. I also got an credit account and they deffered interest for 12 months. Best buy deffers for 36 months. GL

  10. We also bought a new LG set (NOT Front Load). I love it!! I have had them since May. =) (top load washer)

    I did have a front load washer my frigidare not for a few years prior to this new set. I won't own another front load for several reasons.

    To me, it didn't hold as much clothes. This new top load holds twice the amount.

    Also, there was a funky smell after a while. Moldy. I would take the the tray and clean it. I would get those tub cleaners. But after a while, the smell kept coming back.

    And finally, the door. The door after a while started to sag some. Eventually it cracked because of the sagging.

    Now, my front load was one of the very first front loads ever made. So I'm positive many improvements have been made since then. =) But for my piece of my mind and money, my LG top load with steam dryer are THE BEST! lol

    We also shopped around some. We got the best deal at HHGregg. The price match (most places do). BUT, they also wheel-and-deal, like at a car dealership. The price is you see is only the starting price. You can (and will) pay less than that price.

  11. I always fantasized about getting one of those fancy LG or Samsung machines but we'll be sticking with the "free" upgraded GE front loaders for a few years.

  12. We are trying to decide on washer/dryers and a fridge too. Let us know what you finally end up picking!

  13. We're also trying to decide which washer/dryer set to go with. There are far too many options and I'm not even sure who has the best deals on them. I'm hoping once we find them we can have them held in the store until we are ready.

    @Noey... good to know about HHGregg, didn't know they wheel and deal. I may have to try them!

  14. Hi Sarah:

    We just purchased a Kenmore front loading set:

    Consumer Reports rated it a best buy, its energy efficient and reasonably priced. Its also fairly simple to use. You'd have to have a degree in computer programming to use some of the washers we looked at!

    We've had them for a week - washed a bunch of stuff, including couch covers and everything seems fine. The front loads do spin quite seriously and thump a little - it can cause vibrations when you've got a 2nd floor laundry. But, I'm willing to pay this price for the energy efficiency and flexibility of a front load.

    We got 20% off, and opened a Sears charge for an additional 10%, so both the washer and dryer came in around 1000 bucks, which was exactly what I wanted to pay!

  15. We have started looking around as well. I feel like they are all starting to look the same after a while. but one site I have been looking at is The prices are amazing, the catch is you have to drive to the closest location to get the deal.