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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

view from side, yard is graded

view from back

pretty farm next door

We went by the house today, all the little odds and ends are in place... now we just need the rest of our flooring and the granite counter tops to be installed. I guess doing flooring last is smart, that way they don't have to worry about it getting damaged with the tradesmen walking through the house. Anyways, closing is just around the corner and we couldnt be happier!! Here are some pics!


  1. Very nice!! WOW!! So much is done! And look at your ceilings!! Ours are smooth!

  2. You have a HUGE backyard! I like the overhang on your front porch. It's looking good! 2 more weeks!

  3. That is a great backyard!! :) Everything is looking great!!

  4. Your backyard looks like it is going to be a very relaxing place!

    I think your bathroom lights might be installed upside down. Either that, or mine are!!! :) Or maybe they can be installed either way. They still look good.

  5. Wow your house is looking great! Beautiful view from the back

  6. Thanks everyone!! @Ravenna, Now that I look at them... I think you are right!!! I will see what our PM says hahahaha! thanks for the catch :)