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Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 3!

Once again, the amount of progress in such a short time caught us off guard...It is always fun to turn the last corner and see our lot, and today when we turned that last corner our mouth's dropped...attention e-community/ryan homes family.. we have a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!! We have a house!!!!!!!! We stayed around today and enjoyed watching the men work, we even went out and got them Gatorades. It is amazing how fast they move, and how precise they are... also how dangerous they are!! As a nurse, I cant help but cringe when they throw electric saws up to the next level.. plugged in electric saws..all I see is missing limbs lol. But they manage, and they just keep working. We were hoping to catch them as they were leaving so we could get into the house and walk around.. but even after we left for dinner and came back they were still there (7:30) So no luck, but maybe this weekend we will be able to get in and get some cool pictures :)

An Idea of our yard, back of house to woods (and about 15 feet into the trees )

My Husband and I



  1. Just what I love, lots of pictures. Keep them coming everything looks great!

  2. Nice looking house! Can't wait to hear about the inside when you go "poking around"

  3. I know the feeling about them working late...we spent the first couple of weeks prowling around our house in the pitch black to get pictures. We started carrying a flashlight with us and also a flashlight app on our iPhones has come in handy many times.

    It looks great...can't wait to see pictures of the inside!!!